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Custom LMS Development

Custom LMS Development

Custom LMS Development

After researching the e-learning market in the USA, our client discovered a gap in narrow-focused platforms for educating digital marketing specialists in different regions. The company came to Agente for the development of the e-learning platform with video lessons in various domains of online marketing: maths, geography, history, etc. The client needed a learning management system with the modules for video lessons, tasks, assessments, and teacher-student communication.

We offered a turnkey e-learning solution that includes UX/UI design, HTML coding, and LMS software development. We also provided quality assurance services and supported the project launch. The project was successfully delivered keeping to the time frames and budget limits. Since some companies showed the interest in purchasing the application for internal needs, the customer asked us to enhance the system scalability taking into account the broad scope of SCORM requirements.

Information Architecture


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Сreating High-Fidelity Wireframes

First off, our team built scalable information architecture of the app and created a custom template with visual styles that allow for adding new modules and categories. The next step was to create a set of screens for the modules of the online course and wireframe main building blocks on each page.

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Learner Dashboard

After the client approved the structure of the app, we moved on to the user interface design of the e-learning system. It’s impossible to create a one-size-fits-all course interface. We took in mind business objectives, learner requirements and the historical learning reports the business has collected.

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Video Lessons

Each course included a number of lessons that are followed by two types of tasks: tests and practical exercise that is checked by a mentor. Each student can contact a mentor with the pop-up chat present on the lesson page.

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User Profiles

    We created user profiles for mentors and students that contain information about user progress, assessments, as well as a messaging system.

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      We adapted the main functionality to different devices and screen sizes making video lessons come with resumable playback and YouTube embedding functionality for both web and mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

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Learning Platform Features

Our development team implemented a number of most important e-learning website features that provide an enhanced learning experience for corporate users: video lessons, task management system, progress tracking, messaging system, user profiles, and dashboards with analytics.

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